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Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing – DVD

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What is the relationship between music and cancer? More importantly, how can music heal? Join Dr. Nimesh P. Nagarsheth, GYN oncologist, author, and drummer for the band N.E.D. as he addresses these questions in a filmed presentation based on his acclaimed book. Based on the book by Dr. Nimesh P. Nagarsheth, Music and Cancer: A Prescription for Healing was taped in front of a live audience at 92Y Tribeca. From diagnosis to end-of-life care to the meaning behind life with cancer, Music and Cancer is designed to improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer in a way that could only be conveyed through the incredible healing powers of music and the arts.

Music and Cancer was made possible by support from Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center and a grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.